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25 september, 2017

The Party of Socialists of the Republic of Moldova (PSRM) is initiating a signature collection campaign for transition to the presidential government in Moldova, reads the Resolution approved last Sunday at all the three rallies the Socialists organized simultaneously in northern, central and southern Moldova.

In the Resolution, the rally participants supported President Dodon’s initiative and condemned the ruling coalition’s intention to fix in the Constitution that European integration is the strategic course of the country’s external policy.

“This will provoke destabilization in the country and will lead to civil confrontation. The country’s external political course may only be determined by the people at a referendum”, said the Resolution.

The Socialists believe that “trying to enlist Western countries’ support, the ruling regime has decided to resort to its favorite method – to play their geopolitical card, provoke an inter-ethnic strife and to stir up tension on the Dniester”.

The rally participants supported the initiative announced by the PSRM on Sunday “on the country’s transition to the presidential form of governance, so that the president becomes the head of the executive power branch, appoints the Government, and ministers bear personal responsibility before the president and the people”.

“But as the ruling regime denies the people the possibility to express their opinion through a consultative referendum, the only remaining method of political will expression is a snap parliamentary election. The PSRM is hereby announcing the start of a nation-wide campaign of collecting signatures in support of transition to the presidential government and of investing the president with the authority to be the head of the executive power in the Republic of Moldova”, said the Resolution approved at the three rallies.

The Socialists have stated their firm determination to collect the signatures of minimum 70% citizens eligible to vote.

“In the framework of this campaign, PSRM activists will visit every home to give every citizen to say their opinion about who should govern the country – the people or a gang of power usurpers. They prohibit the referendum – we shall hold it in every home. If they try to remove the president from the post or to forcibly settle the Transnistrian conflict, if the president calls the people to a Great National Assembly, we shall follow such call and shall gather in Chisinau for the sake of final saving the country from this anti-people and anti-State regime”, said the Resolution.

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