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01 march, 2019

The festival of robotics, virtual and augmented reality Innovatic Fest Roboshow has started in Chisinau on Friday. The event is held in the National Museum of History on March 1-10.

Festival guests can meet robot-actor Tespian, who sings, recites poems and communicates with people around him. Another robot PromoBot is able to conduct presentations, recognizes human speech and emotions of surrounding people. Also, there is a spider robot on the exhibition, which has 6 mechanized legs to easily overcome obstacles and travel over difficult terrain.

A special part of the festival will be the performances of two-meter-high robot Titan. He was developed for interaction with people, including on the stage. This robot has many times participated in TV programs and events, including in the opening of the Sochi Olympic Games in 2014. In total, around 30 models of robots are presented at the festival.

Also, within the Innovatic Fest Roboshow, interactive zones were opened, where one can plunge into virtual and augmented reality.

The admission to the festival costs 90 to 150 lei.

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