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15 may, 2019

The registration of documents, necessary for participation in the contest for the post of president of Moldovan Football Federation, has finished.

MFF Deputy President Ruslan Berzoi said that there is only one candidate – executive director of the Federation Leonid Oleinicenco. His candidature is supported by 109 of 120 members of the Federation. Elections of the Moldovan Football Federation president will take place at MFF extraordinary congress on May 22.

Elections of a new MFF president were appointed after the acting president Pavel Coibanu suddenly tendered resignation in late April.

Ruslan Berzoi also explained that in January 2019, 135 delegates who participated in the 17th MFF congress unanimously approved the amending of the Federation’s statute in the field of electing president. The congress decided that candidate for the post of MFF president should live in the territory of Moldova not less than three years before the moment of his nomination for this post. He has to have worked in a managerial position in MFF or to have been one of heads of the MFF or its executive body.

A person, who is persona non grata in Moldova or who was prohibited activity in the football sphere by MFF decision, is not allowed to be nominated for the post of president.

“This practice was written in regulations, adopted in FIFA and UEFA, and was taken for consideration by national football federations of other countries”, stressed Ruslan Berzoi.

Infotag’s dossier: Leonid Oleinicenco was born in Chisinau in 1981. He graduated from the Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova (ASEM). After graduation, he worked in commercial structures and state institutions. In 2009, he started working in MFF in the post of financial director. Since 2016, he is executive director of federation. He is owner of certificate in the field of football management, issued by the UNIL Swiss institute. Currently, he is studying Executive Master in European Sport Governance. He speaks Romanian, Russian and English

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