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04 june, 2019

Moldova’s first creative industry center Artcor has opened in Chisinau in the courtyard of one of the buildings of the Academy of Music, Theatre and Fine Arts.

Chairperson of the Association of Creative Companies of Moldova, Olga Radu told journalists that start-up creative industry companies will be able to work in the center, young specialists can undergo training, and various events can also be held in the center, including seminars, practical exercises, conferences and concerts.

The Artcor consists of two buildings: one of them is a converted building constructed in the middle of the last century, and the second is a new building constructed in a modern architectural style. The center has a large working place, exhibition space, conference hall, improvised amphitheater and a small concert hall with a recording room. The Artcor center is equipped with computers with installed software for working with graphic design.

The Artcor center was build within two years. The project was implemented by the Moldova Government and the Academy of Music, Theatre and Fine Arts with the support of the Competitiveness Project in Moldova, financed by the US Agency for International development, Sweden and Great Britain, as well as with the participation of the Association of Creative Companies of Moldova as a private partner. A total of 13 million lei was invested into the project.

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