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06 december, 2019

The International Women's Club is organizing the 23rd Christmas Charitable Fair at the MoldExpo International Center on December 8.

According to the Club, around 25 embassies and international organizations, accredited in Moldova, will participate in the event. "Nongovernmental organizations and craftsmen will also participate in the event. Visitors can see their production and buy traditional dishes of different cuisines of the world, beverages, artworks, clothes, books and hand-made toys. This year, the Spain's consulate will take part in the fair for the first time", said the Club's Co-Chairwoman Maria Marinuta.

According to her, the money earned within the fair, will be distributed in the form of grants among NGOs, which are implementing projects for children and women from socially vulnerable groups.

"Within the event, lotteries will be organized. The cost of tickets for participation in the lottery will vary between 10 and 50 lei, depending on the cost of prizes. Visitors will benefit from a vast artistic program. The admission to the event costs 25 lei, but for children, the elderly and persons with disabilities the admission is free. The fair will be open from 10:00 through 16:00", Marinuta said.

The Co-Chairwoman said that over the last 5 years the organizers raised over 3 million lei and ensured financing of 40 charitable projects.

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  2. 2020.03.20 19:10 Josh
    I hope they can arrange more charitable events like this this year.
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  3. 2020.03.20 19:13 Joshua
    John here! Hope to be an instrument and be a part of this charitable event!
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  5. 2020.04.02 03:43 JamesP
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  6. 2020.04.11 22:27 Jason
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  7. 2020.04.26 10:37 Cheffie
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  8. 2020.04.29 14:04 Jack
    This looks like such a great charity event

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  9. 2020.05.01 17:45 David
    Seeing charity makes us feel way better about the world
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  10. 2020.05.02 01:09 Melissa
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  11. 2020.05.05 06:53 Linds
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  13. 2020.05.14 04:22 Jim
    It's amazing that the organizers were able to raise over 3 million lei. I hope that they are able to raise more than that this coming holiday.

  14. 2020.06.03 05:51 Marvin
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  15. 2020.06.11 04:22 David Pierson
    Do you plan on holding another fair this year?

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  16. 2020.06.11 04:30 Margaret
    This is truly inspiring. It is so great that they were able to ensure the financing of 40 charitable projects. I really hope that they continue to have these types of events in the future.
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