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19 december, 2019

Moldovan artists Iurie Palcov, Vladimir Palamarciuc and Inga Orehova made mural paintings on glass walls of the Chisinau International Airport building.

The New Year stories and personages many know since childhood are encountering and farewell the guests of the Moldovan capital city. The murals were organized in partnership with the art studio “Seven Colors of Happiness”. According to Iurie Palcov, the murals occupy the entire facade of the building.

“We have been working hard from early morning till late night for around two weeks. However, we were doing this with pleasure. Good words from travelers, who found time to stop, look at and take photo of our works, were comforting us much”, he said.

Palcov will participate in the Christmas Charitable Exhibition which will open in the Sun City trade center on December 21.

“A part of earnings from selling paintings will go to buying a prosthesis for a disabled woman. I hope that Chisinau citizens and city guests will visit the exhibition”, the artist said.

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