21 august, 2019

The National Energy Regulatory Agency (ANRE) explained in detail the reasons, taken into account when its Board of Directors decided to raise electricity tariffs on August 16.

According to the agency's press release, the decision was adopted on the basis of an analysis of calculating tariffs and prices according to the legislatively established methodologies, presented by suppliers.

Thus, one of factors, taken into account, was the dynamic of annual average exchange rate of the national currency against the US dollar in 2019, estimated at MDL17.58 : US$1, against the MDL16.83 : US$1 included in the current tariff (+4.5%). The second reason was the raising of the average import price on electricity to 5.38 US cents per 1 kWh from 5.16 US cents (+4.3%). Thus, as a result of national currency depreciation against the US dollar and the growth of the importing price, the average annual cost of buying electricity grew 7.6-9.9%.

The agency also pointed at the planned average consumer price index in 2019 - 4.9%; 2018 investments in RED Union Fenosa worth 350 million lei and in RED Nord - 228 million lei; growth of minimal guaranteed size of salary in real sector by 6.3%.

As a result, the total quantity result of influence of the above-mentioned factors demanded raising of the average price of electricity supplying by Gas Natural Fenosa Furnizare Energie by 0.04 lei (2.6%) - to 1.77 lei per 1 kWh, while in case of the RED Nord - by 0.22 lei (12.5%) - to 2.02 lei per 1 kWh.

Infotag's dossier: The new tariffs have not entered into force yet. The legality of their establishing raised arguments in society. President Igor Dodon expressed an opinion that this raising was not justified by clear and well-grounded calculations, but is just an attempt to destabilize the situation in the country at the political order of the previous authorities. He recommended to the Government to take steps for suspending the irresponsible and unjustified decision of the ANRE, which is trying to shoulder the entire burden of Democrats' irresponsible and populist ruling on ordinary citizens and the country's economy.

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