23 august, 2019

The Russian newspaper "Kommersant" analysed the situation with the concession of the Chisinau International Airport on Thursday.

The publication reminds that this week, after the Avia Invest company, which took the airport into concession, changed its owner, Chisinau is considering a possibility of changing or terminating the concession agreement.

"The possible termination of the concession contract will be profitable for Russian business people. In particular, in June 2019 Russian billionaire Roman Tritsenco (holder of the AEON corporation) initiated negotiations with representatives of businessman Ilan Shor on buying the Chisinau International Airport", the newspaper says.

According to its data, the requested sum for the airport concession was US$200 million, which was regarded as overestimated.

"Negotiations were terminated at the recommendation of Igor Dodon, who warned buyers from Russia not to risk buying airport from people, close to ex-leadership of the DP. He said that the airport belongs to the state, while the concession agreement may be terminated", the edition says.

As Infotag has already reported, this week it became known that the NR Investments Ltd company, which belongs to the family of Rothschilds, bought 95% shares of the Avia Invest company. However, according to official data, the Avia Invest still belongs to the Komaksavia Airport Invest Ltd (Cyprus) with 95% shares. The rest 5% belongs to the Khabarovsk airport, which initially was shareholder. Avia Invest was founded in August 2013, several days before the concession agreement signing. Over the last 6 years, the company changed several owners.

The new Government and the Parliament started the investigation of the concession transaction. They do not exclude that the transaction, concluded with numerous violations, may be cancelled. President Dodon stated it is necessary to urgently convene a sitting of the Supreme Security Council to discuss the situation around the airport.

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