28 november, 2019

The former Deputy Minister and Minister of Economy Alexander Muravschi criticized the 2020 draft budget, presented by the Ion Chicu Government on Wednesday. He wrote in social networks that it was a mistake to include the US$500-million credit, promised by Russia, in the document.

“There is no decision in this concern. The Russian Federation just gave a preliminary consent to start negotiations in this regard. Until today, the budget included only those external revenues on which a documentary confirmed agreement was achieved. Even if US$300 million will arrive next year, I am sure that one-third of it will not be mastered, so the including of this sum is unlawful”, the analyst said.

According to him, the only obstacle for approving the budget is the need to agree its main parameters with the IMF, which is implied in the memorandum conditions.

“The budget, as the main financial document of the country, continues providing the role of the main propagandist document of the new authorities. The previous Government called its bill “a solidarity budget”. The current Government calls it an “investment budget”. Analyzing the data of these and all the previous budgets, the difference between their structure is so small that all the loud names are nothing more than a propagandist glitter. I understand the desire of leadership and the political forces that stand behind it to strengthen the land before the upcoming presidential elections. However, as an economist, I regard as necessary to express my opinion about the country’s most important document, in which the propagandist component can no way be used as a screen to hide the real state of things”, the expert said.

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