03 december, 2019

Prime Minister Ion Chicu said on local television on Monday evening said that two more airports – one in the north of Moldova and one – in the south.

According to him, this is necessary to create competition to the Chisinau airport.

“This will influence the service quality and the ticket prices. The Chisinau International Airport should not only be returned under state administration, but also infrastructure should be developed, while for this competition is necessary”, Chicu said.

He added that the Government has already started discussions with specialists and that a clear action plan in this field will be prepared this week.

“I think it is quite possible that already in 2021 the country will have at least two more airports. We are thinking about either Marculesti or Balti in the north and Ceadir-Lunga – in the south. Now it is necessary that specialists to prepare a feasibility study to understand where it would be more rational to start the building”, the premier said.

According to him, for developing the airport in Marculesti, 17-18 million euros will be necessary as investments from the side of the state.

“Already now the airport has an international certificate, it can receive flights, it has a very good airstrip. The problem is that its location is not very comfortable. We have an airport near Balti, which demands more investments, but its location is much better and it has growth opportunities”, Ion Chicu said.

He maintains that for this, public-private partnership should be developed, including by means of attracting investments from abroad.

On Monday, President Igor Dodon also stated about the need of building new airports. He said that this issue will be considered at the Wednesday’s sitting of the Supreme Security Council, where the issue of returning the Chisinau airport into state property will be discussed.

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