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31 octomber, 2017

For the first time over many years, surplus was registered in Moldova. According to the Ministry of Finance data, the state budget revenues grew by 4,276 million lei (21.2%) against the equivalent period of 2016 and exceeded 24,424 million lei (US$1,395 million).

The growth is explained by growth of main revenues by 4,268 million lei (21.4%) – to 24,243 million and from projects, financed from external sources – by 4.1% – to 181.3 million lei.

More than one half of revenues (14.8 million lei) were ensured by the customs service, whose deductions grew 18.5%. A higher growth was registered by the tax service – by 25.5% – to 10,521 billion lei. The VAT share in revenues accounted for 12.418 million lei (+18.4%), excise taxes – 4,339 million (+34.3%) and tax on income – 4,017 million lei (+19.4%). With all this, the Ministry of Finance repaid over 1,867 million lei to economic agents in the form of VAT and excise taxes.

State budget expenditures grew 9.4% over a year, reaching 23,984 million lei (US$1.37 million). Most of costs occurred in education – 6,097 million, social protection – 5,157 million, public services – 3.63 billion, national security and public order – 2,966 million lei.

As a result, the state budget surplus accounted for 440.4 million lei. A year ago the state budget registered a deficit of 1,783 million lei.

The balance on state budget accounts grew 2,517 million lei year to date, accounting for 5, 817 million, 835.6 million lei of which – on projects, financed from external sources.

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