23 january, 2017

Moldovan politicians and the civil society should at last stop being cunning and should say openly that the country is being ruled not by the Government of Prime Minister Pavel Filip but by the government of Vlad Plahotniuc, maintains Alexandru Slusari, Deputy Chairman of the political party called Platform Demnitate si Adevar [DA, “Dignity and Justice”].

Commenting on the Filip Government’s first past year, Slusari said to Infotag that in order to form the Filip Government, Plahotniuc, acting by means of blackmail and bribing, had re-arranged the entire political landscape in the country and formed such kind of a governmental majority in the Parliament, “which nobody in Moldova could have seen even in a dreadful dream only a year before”.

Alexandru Slusari believes the Filip Government has managed to remain afloat thanks to the following 3 things: First: Plahotniuc, by having concentrated all financial, administrative and media resources in his hands, was mercilessly crushing down the non-parliamentary opposition. Second: Moldova’s external partners haven’t overcome their geopolitical fears, but nevertheless decided to underpin the incumbent power financially, albeit with a lot of reservations. They seem to do not understand that the longer Plahotniuc remains at the helm of the state, the higher percentage of citizens will be disappointed with the European development vector. And third: the recent resumption of external financing was largely promoted by two technocrats – Minister of Finance Octavian Armasu and Minister of Economy Octavian Calmic, who conducted negotiations with foreign donors.

The politician fingered also at other socio-economic indicators, which he believes are very far from successful.

“Over the past year, the contingent of schoolchildren and higher education students has shrunk by 8 thousand people. Moldovans keep leaving their home-country on a mass scale. The size of Moldova’s state debt has grown up to 50 billion lei from 33 billion a year ago, and is approaching to a critical proportion to the gross domestic product (GDP). Direct investment has diminished by more than 40%, which means that investors are reluctant to bring money to a country that has no independent judiciary system and where everything is decided by one person. The Government, acting in an absolutely cynical and amoral form, has re-loaded the burden of repaying the embezzled one billion euros on citizens’ shoulders”, said Alexandru Slusari.

In his words, the DA Platform was proposing another variant.

“By the way, it was our answer to Filip’s complaints that the opposition was allegedly proposing nothing useful, only criticizing.

“Well, the Government launched a hasty pension reform, without the observance of their own-set timeframe. As a result, instead of preparing a well-thought and complex-like reform that would solve the problem of a shadowy economy, corruption and raising all pensions at least to a subsistence level, the country has received a primitive increase of the pension age and a grown burden on the Budget”, said the politician.

One more thing: instead of ensuring competition on the market of medicines, the State has monopolized this vast business with the help of only one state-run company.

“An analogous approach we could see in the case with casinos. That very man, for whose sake all “reforms” are made in Moldova, will now be personally controlling these spheres of economy, too. By next September, the Government promised to have the reform of central administration in place – through reducing the number of ministries and other agencies of the Government. But there are no signs of this reform!” said Slusari.

“But an apogee of shamelessness was indeed the draft law on the amnesty of capital and on taxation stimulation, to which the Government did not have any formal attitude, though the amnesty pertained to State Budget problems”, he said.

In his opinion, it was but an impertinent attempt to legalize – in a matter of 2 weeks and for merely 2% – the fabulous capitals siphoned off from Moldova.

“Those were the financial means received in the result of the much-spoken Moldovan bank fraud and of the laundering of US$20 billion embezzled from Russia, the property of judges, prosecutors and other state officials who are maintained not by taxpayers but by Plahotniuc and by bribing. The said draft law is a bright illustration in whose interests the Filip Government works first and foremost”, said Alexandru Slusari.

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