10 november, 2017

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has positively assessed the first year of Moldovan President Igor Dodon’s tenure, and wished him further successes in his work for the good of the Moldovan people and for consolidation of the Russia-Moldova cooperation.

Maria Zaharova, Director of the MFA Information and Press Department, highlighted at a briefing on Thursday the series of concrete steps, made by President Dodon to establish Moldova’s cooperation with Russia, with the EAES and within the framework of the Commonwealth of Independent States; Igor Dodon’s 6 meetings with Russian President Vladimir Putin that permitted to achieve “a sustainable dialog on a broad circle of questions allowing to work out solutions on the most topical problems on bilateral agenda”.

“The accords, reached in the meetings of the two heads of state, permitted to invigorate trade and economic cooperation between the two countries. Moldovan exports to the Russian market have substantially grown. And the countries have solved some problems that were faced by Moldovan labor migrants in Russia”, said Maria Zaharova.

The diplomat positively assessed the efforts aimed at promoting dialog with the leadership of Transnistria. The efforts have led to a slight progress in solving some practical questions of Transnistrian settlement.

With all this, the Russian MFA Spokesperson expressed regret that the present-day domestic political confrontation between power branches, continuing in Moldova, does not permit to realize fully the initiatives of the President of the Republic or to disclose the potential of the Russia-Moldova cooperation.

“Moreover, the Moldovan Government and parliamentary majority have lately undertaken a number of steps to restrict the President’s powers, and overtly anti-Russia actions are staking place. Nevertheless, the Russian side is tuned for a long-term development of friendly partnership relations with neutral Moldova based on long-standing historic ties between our peoples. We hope that the current complicated period in the development of Moldova will be overcome”, said the Director of the Russian MFA Information and Press Department.


Transnistria leader Vadim Krasnoselsky believes that Moldovan President Igor Dodon has chosen a wrong way of resolving the Transnistrian question namely the way of declaring loud political slogans instead of resolving concrete problems.

Krasnoselsky stated in his interview with Moskovskii Komsomolets popular newspaper of Russia that over last several months, Igor Dodon has changed the format of handling the Transnistrian problem 3 times already.

“Last January, in the presence of President Vladimir Putin, Igor Dodon was speaking about a federalization, later on – about autonomy, and now he is already talking of a ‘special status’. What is a ‘special status’? I know what a federation is, and what autonomy is. But there is no notion of a ‘special status’ in the theory of a state and of the law. A special status is a reservation, a camp without the Transnistrian people’s right to live, without the language, flag, without own economy or currency. Such a status does not suit us – absolutely”, stressed Vadim Krasnoselsky.

“If Igor Dodon is ready to solve economic, cultural and humanitarian questions – come on, let’s solve them together. If not ready – say this openly and honestly. There is no use hiding behind political slogans”, stated the Transnistrian leader.

Krasnoselsky disagrees with an opinion that if Moldova, through Igor Dodon’s efforts, changes its course for a pro-Russia one, this will be a real threat to Transnistria’s independence.

“No, there is nothing that can threat to Transnistria’s independence. Our people voted for this independence. And the people will stand up in defense of it together with the president, if necessary. My opinion fully coincides with that of the Transnistrian people. If it appears that our opinions differ, I will immediately resign”, stated the Tiraspol leader.

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