10 november, 2017

The Parliament has approved in a first reading the draft law on introducing amendments to 12 laws concerning the controlling agencies. The amendments, proposed by the Government imply reduction of the number of controlling bodies due to transferring their powers to the Financial control service, which will substitute the current Financial Inspectorate.

The draft law was presented by Deputy Minister of Economy and Infrastructure – state secretary Vitalie Iurcu, who said that such a financial service will be empowered to control mainly budget organizations. Besides, it will have the right to control the National Commission for Financial Market and the National Bank, as well as local authorities, including the entire list of enterprises, in which the state share accounts for 50% and more.

During debates, Socialist MP Vladimir Turcan asked what means the phrase about the “paid financial control”, which may be provided by the Financial control service.

Iurcu said that this phrase will be excluded from the draft law in the second reading.

The bill implies that the financial control concerning the financial problematic stipulates that sums for legal persons will be of 100 thousand lei and higher, while for physical persons – starting from 50 thousand lei and higher.

As for the customs problematic for financial control, here the sums were raised to 500 thousand lei and higher for legal persons and 250 thousand lei up – for physical persons.

The parliamentary Standing Committee on Economy, Budget and Finance did not support the Government’s idea to make the Financial control service to be included in the Ministry of Finance, as this is not in ministry’s competence.

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