16 may, 2018

The agreements pertaining to Moldova's foreign policy and commitments to other countries must be necessarily approved by the Moldovan Parliament and Government, for otherwise they will be regarded as null and void. That was how Parliament Chairman Andrian Candu has commented on the President Igor Dodon's announcement about the granting of the EAES observer status to Moldova.

Speaker Candu stated in this connection that neither the Parliament nor the Government had applied for such a status to the Eurasian Economic Union or requested any status for Moldova in it.

"In such conditions, the observer status was received only for Igor Dodon and the Party of Socialists, but not indeed Moldova. Our country is fully committed to cooperation with the European Union, and the European path is the only strategic direction of the development of our state - the path ensuring a chance for success and stability for generations to come. That's precisely why we have initiated the procedure of amending the Constitution to fix the European vector as the only possible variant of the nation development within legal frames. So, neither Igor Dodon nor any other official will be able - without the Parliament's support - to pass a decision changing the republic's strategic course", presumes Andrian Candu.

He reminded that in accordance with Article 66 of the Constitution, it is exactly the Parliament who approves the main directions of the country's domestic and foreign policies, ratifies, denunciates, suspends or annuls the international treaties concluded by the Republic of Moldova. This rule is confirmed also by Article 11 of the Law on international agreements of September 24, 1999.

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