20 july, 2018

Moldova is only at the beginning of its road to getting the status of a neutral state, said ex-Prime Minister for Reintegration Vasile Sova at the Friday’s conference “Moldova: Stability Factor or New Challenge to Regional and European Security”.

He said that each country has its own path and Moldova is not an exception, despite the fact that the provision on neutrality was secured in the Constitution back in 1994. However, no real step for achieving this status has been taken since then.

“Perspectives of this path in Moldova are build on the fact that the majority of population support the idea of neutral state. However, the discord and absolute difference in views between political parties plays a negative role in resolving the issue, while lack of consensus directly impedes it”, he said.

According to him, in order that Moldova to become a really neutral state, a political consensus, a clear vector, are first of all necessary, as well as well-built strategic goals which will remain unchanged regardless of the change of power.

Moldovan ex-Ambassador to the US, security expert Nicolae Chirtoaca said that progress in this regard may be achieved only after a thorough analysis of the today’s situation, both the regional and the international.

“The Moldova’s neutrality depends on its recognition by the international policy main players. The Ukrainian crisis radically changed the existed system of security in the Eastern Europe, while the world in fact is on the verge of a new Cold War. There is a certain embarrassment in the external policy after the Donald Trump’s becoming as president. However, his populist policy with elements of nationalism demonstrates that the US will not renounce the role of the only world’s power. As for Russia, it is traditionally regarding the Eastern Europe from the perspective of its own political and economic interests. But Russia is going through certain stagnation; the authoritarian regime based on oligarchs’ capital still exists, but how long will it last? As for the European Union, on whose financial and economic support Moldova depends much, now the EU has to demonstrate that it can be an independent player at the external political arena. Moldova has to act given such a difficult situation, taking into account the presence of foreign armed forces in its territory”, he said.

Ex-MP Alexander Stoianoglo said that the issue of Moldova’s neutrality is the issue of preserving its statehood.

“Progress in such aspects as the presence of foreign troops in the territory of the Republic of Moldova, the militarization of the Transnistrian region and the future of reintegration may be achieved in conditions of Moldova’s neutral status. The perspective of Moldova’s reintegration, development and even existence are in fact impossible without the achievement of this goal”, he said.

DP honorary chairman Dumitry Diacov said that sooner or later Moldova has to recognize that the state security may be achieved either through achieving a real, not just declared neutral status, or through joining an international political force, which will ensure security in Moldova.

“However, in conditions of poor military potential, the republic is interested in neutral status. It will allow Moldova become an isle of stability in the sea of difficult regional situation. However, for this we need an impulse from inside, Moldova should by itself decide and build its neutrality path, which will be recognized at the international level as well”, the politician said.

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