15 march, 2019

Deputy Chairman of the Democratic Party Andrian Candu said at the Thursday’s press conference after the party Executive Council sitting that the DP is ready to give the post of Prime Minister to the ACUM bloc.

He reminded that the DP invited the ACUM leaders to start negotiations on forming a ruling coalition in the Parliament, but it was categorically declined without any chance for negotiations and discussions.

“We regard this decision as a mistake, because the politics first of all means communication, dialog, the art of compromise. Politicians should be guided by interests of citizens and the country, but not personal or party considerations. In the whole world the politics means dialog and communication and only in this way it is possible to create something”, the Parliament Chairman said.

He expressed regret that the ACUM rushed to decline the invitation and that dialog between the politicians is conducted only by means of declarations and loud statements, disseminated by the media.

“Had the ACUM leaders accepted the invitation to dialog, they would have seen that the DP team is very flexible and puts on the first plan the citizens’ interests, as well as liabilities given during the election campaign. Though the DP has a larger number of mandates than the ACUM, we are ready to concede to colleagues an important role in power structure, including the post of prime minister. Of course, we would discuss our governance program as we see it, as well as the liabilities undertaken by the DP before elections in the view of implementing reforms. Also, we would discuss the topics the ACUM bloc is interested in”, Candu said.

According to him, Democrats do not feel much love to the ACUM, but in politics the mutual respect and the state interests are much more important, thus the DP Executive Council decided today to repeatedly invite the ACUM to dialog. The answer may be provided until the end of the week, but if this time there is also decline, the DP leadership will meet again next week and decide its further actions.

Candu said that the ACUM bloc is the main option for the DP in the issue of creating coalitions, thus the party has not adopted any other decisions and has not considered the possibility of negotiations with the PSRM or the Ilan Shor Party.

According to him, the ACUM’s package of laws directed to country de-oligarchization may have been discussed during the negotiations on creating ruling coalition.

“I never saw any of the ACUM’s proposals, but I can say that the DP will support any initiative which is legal and corresponds to the Constitution. However, in order that any of the bloc’s proposals to get into parliamentary agenda, the legislature should become functional, which implies presence of parliament leadership and a permanent bureau. This is why dialog between parties is necessary”, Candu said.

He added that the DP leadership has not discussed yet the candidate for the post of prime minister, thus if the ACUM refuses negotiations, it is not excluded that along with other party members, DP leader Vlad Plahotniuc may claim for this post.

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