15 march, 2019

In his interview with prominent nation-wide Izvestia newspaper of Russia, Moldova President Igor Dodon offered an opinion that it is too early yet to speak of a political crisis in Moldova.

The head of state said that he is going to convene the first plenary meeting of the new Moldovan Parliament next week.

“After that, parliamentary factions will be formed in the forum, and then I, as President, will begin negotiations with the largest political forces elected to the Parliament. I hope the talks will lead us to achieving a concrete result. But if not, then I presume we should dissolve this Parliament without a delay so that to hold a snap election – together with the soon-to-be ordinary local election [due next summer]”, said Igor Dodon.

The President stressed that he categorically disapproves of “shifting the diktat from one parliamentary faction to another” and of “forming the so-called parliamentary majority, like it was in the previous parliament”.

“I shall not permit the diktat of one faction to happen. In the old Parliament, the diktat was organized of over 25 deputies who had left their factions and joined the Democratic Party. If only I notice such attempts, I shall not sign the appointment of the candidate for Prime Minister to be nominated by such majority. In such case, the country will receive an early parliamentary election”, stated President Dodon, who believes that the parliamentary parties should be given the possibility to hold negotiations after the first plenary meeting, and to take a decision.

Speaking of relationship with Russia, Dodon said that more than a half of the Moldovan population stands for friendship with the Russian Federation and for promoting Moldova’s interests in the cooperation of the two countries.

“Given that spoiler parties stole about 20% ballots from the Left political segment, we can say that the proportion of the pro-Moldova electorate standing for friendship with Russia should constitute slightly over 50% i.e. exactly what all recent opinion polls were showing. Of that figure, over 30% was won by the Socialists. Right-wing forces and pro-Romania unionists have shrunk a little. But the general composition of political forces in Moldova has remained in approximately same proportions”, said President Dodon.


At the February 24 parliamentary election, the leadership of Transnistria played into the hand of the Democratic Party of Moldova, President Igor Dodon stated in his interview with the nation-wide Izvestia newspaper of Russia.

Dodon said he understands the reasons of such position.

“Sincerely speaking, Tiraspol leaders were acting in the Democrats’ favor and are now trying to attack the Party of Socialists so as to somehow suppress the possible domestic criticism for their playing in favor of the Democrats in Chisinau. But we perfectly understand their [Tiraspol’s] position and are not going to criticize it too strongly. At any rate, we all have no other variant except reunification of the country. The sooner all people understand this, the better it will be for both parts of the republic”, said Igor Dodon.

The President stressed that accords on Transnistrian conflict settlement are impeded by the absence of a common stance in the Republic of Moldova leadership.

“If we succeed in forming a parliamentary majority, then we may receive a historic chance of achieving a real progress next 2-3 years because in such case we will come to have real conditions for this, when the President, Speaker of Parliament and Prime Minister will be acting proceeding from a unified position on Transnistria. We have never had such unity before”, said Dodon.

In his opinion, the Transnistrian administration is counting on the formation of an anti-Russia and pro-NATO majority to rule Moldova “because in such case it will be easier for Tiraspol to ask Russia’s help”.

“Such is Tiraspol’s position at the moment. But as soon as Chisinau receives a new pro-Moldova leadership standing for the development of friendly relations with Russia, this will immediately become disadvantageous for Tiraspol. That’s why they played into the hand of other forces that seek aggravations with Moscow and that are not oriented to the Eurasian integration. But I am sure that time will correct everything and will put all accents right”, said President Igor Dodon.

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