18 june, 2019

Moldova President Igor Dodon has called to declare a moratorium on ideological and geopolitical differences so that to save the parliamentary majority and the new Government. In his Address to Citizens, the President stated that this is an indispensable condition for struggle against the former criminal regime.

"To let the new power strengthen, it is extremely important to announce, at least for the time being, a moratorium on the ideological and geopolitical differences disuniting us. Our primary task for the current moment is to achieve cardinal changes in all sectors - the judiciary, economy, social sphere. Citizens should come to know that no criminal litigations will be any more opened in our country by a telephone call of a party boss or a high-ranked governmental official. The people of business must be sure that no more trials will be fabricated against them to grab their businesses or to annihilate a rival", wrote Igor Dodon.

"To manage with all difficulties and the outgoing regime's provocations, it is very important for the parliamentary majority and the Government to act in concert as one solid team. I promise that as president I shall be doing all in my powers to help overcome all the difficulties, contradictions and differences, which will be inevitably appearing", wrote the President.

He pointed out that the criminal regime, which had tormented Moldova for nearly 10 years, has been crush down.

"We have received a historic chance and must property use it. Main difficulties are yet ahead. The regime has sustained a resounding defeat but it has not gone anywhere. It is hiding in all state institutions, in power agencies, in local governance organs. It wants a quick revenge and for this it will try and destabilize the situation in all the sectors of the national economy and in the social sphere, and the first signals about this are already coming. For this, the regime still has enough forces and possibilities", Dodon wrote and called the new Government and parliamentary majority to unity.

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