19 june, 2019

The Moldovan Parliament is going to investigate the coup attempt made by the Democratic Party on June 8-14.

On Tuesday, the parliamentary majority, by the votes of 57 MPs, supported the establishment of a parliamentary ad hoc commission that shall “investigate into the circumstances of a coup d’etat attempted to undermine the fundamentals of the constitutional system in the Republic of Moldova”.

The bill author MP Sergiu Litvinenco of the PAS faction stated that such parliamentary investigation is necessary to thoroughly analyze the judgments made by the Constitutional Court on June 7-9 [on the illegitimacy of the incumbent Parliament and on a brief suspending the President]. And though the head of state has already annulled them, we have strong suspicions that the CC decisions were issued by order of the Democratic Party and its chairman Vlad Plahotniuc. We need to receive answers about why the Constitutional Court worked on days off? Who wrote the inquiries sent to the Constitutional Court, which then formulated its decisions? Is there a verbatim record of the CC sessions?

In his words, the ad hoc commission must also verify the information about the address made by several prosecutors concerning the need to arrest 60 deputies from the parliamentary majority and about the preparation of arrest warrants by relevant courts.

The initiative stirred up the Democratic faction’s boiling discontent. One of the Democrats, a former ‘migrant’ from the Communist Party Sergiu Sirbu perceived the initiative as a public execution. Sirbu confessed that he wrote the inquiries to the CC, and that he cannot see any point in forming such an ad hoc commission. Another Democrat, ex-Minister of Justice Vladimir Cebotari stated that a putsch presupposes the using of a military force, but there was nothing of this kind in this particular case.

PAS MP Lilian Carp stated that being a professional historian, he believes that the Democratic Party’s activities during the first week of the Parliament’s plenary work (June 8-14) can be characterized as a coup attempt.

“As we all remember, on June 8 the Parliament Building was de-energized, and its technical staff was not available on their jobs [it was Saturday]. On the day before that, the negotiations between the PSRM and ACUM were overtly hampered: there was a telephone call about a bomb inside, and the Building was immediately blocked by the police. I can’t believe that all that was a coincidence. I would like to remind a proverb to Democrats: sow the wind and reap the whirlwind”, said Carp.

Socialist MP Gaik Vartanyan stated that with its anti-constitutional decisions, the Constitutional Court placed Moldova on the brink of a civil war.

“Everything that was taking place in those June days was but a malignant mockery at the Moldovan people. The Democratic Party decided to cancel the internationally recognized results of the February 24 parliamentary election. According to the information available with us, some Constitutional Court Judges were absent from Moldova on the moment when the scandalous CC judgments were adopted. All those people involved in that lawlessness must bear responsibility. And we the people’s deputies shall see to it”, stressed Gaik Vartanyan.

The ad hoc commission will be headed by Socialist MP, ex-Minister of the Interior Vladimir Turcan, and will include: Socialists Grigore Novac and Victor Gaiciuc; Deputy Speaker Mihai Popsoi of the PAS faction; DA MP Dinu Plingau. The Democrats refused to delegate their representatives to the commission, and the Shor Party faction were absent from the Parliament plenary sitting today.

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