16 july, 2019

Former Mayor of Chisinau Dorin Chirtoaca, the incumbent Liberal Party Chairman, has announced an intention to stand for Chisinau Mayor [October 20] and later on - for President of Moldova [end-2020].

Chirtoaca stated at a news conference on Monday: "The Liberal Party shall take part in all elections. And I shall be running everywhere - at parliamentary elections, local elections in Chisinau and at presidential elections - everywhere!"

He stated: "The ongoing changes and the dethronement of Vlad Plahotniuc were started precisely by the Liberals".

"All these changes began thanks exactly to us the Liberals. In 2007, I threw the Communists out of power in Chisinau city by winning a mayoral election. And in 2009 we removed the Communists from power on the national level. If I had not resigned from the mayor's post in 2018, there would be no early election now, and Nastase would not win the elections, and so forth. The Democrats invalidated the June 2018 elections in Chisinau, have spoiled relations with Moldova's foreign development partners, and a wave of popular discontent rose up. All that led to overthrowing of the Plahotniuc regime. We have always fought. We shall not stand on our knees before the mafia. We shall do away with them, like we did with Plahotniuc", stated the LP leader.

Dorin Chirtoaca reminded that from the very beginning he was standing for creating a coalition of the political bloc ACUM and the Party of Socialists "in order to liberate the country from the Plahotniuc regime".

"And these two forces must fulfill this task, but they are already diverting from their initial goals. The Socialists and ACUM are coordinating their actions at the forthcoming local elections. They want to distribute essential posts, including on the local governance level. They want to divide the country between the red and the yellow. Now Igor Dodon wants to take Plahotniuc's place and ACUM wants to play the role of the Liberal Democratic Party. But it is not correct because the country lives under a tricolor, and not a bicolor!" stressed Chirtoaca.

In his opinion, the PSRM and ACUM ought to return to their initial objective of overthrowing the regime.

"They must purge the country of the regime's remnants, after which to announce an early parliamentary election - may be simultaneously with the presidential election or even earlier. It is necessary to hold a snap election in order to cleanse the Parliament, too. Why should the Parliament have those seven Shor party deputies or those 30 MP from the Democratic Party, who participated in the one-billion-dollar bank fraud?!" wondered the Liberal.

Dorin Chirtoaca also demanded to dismiss Parliament Speaker Zinaida Greceanii, having demonstrated documents proving her involvement in the bank fraud. According to the documents, Zinaida Greceanii's husband Alexei received a 100-million-lei (over 5 million euros) credit from Banca de Economii, but has not repaid it. The credit was obtained for the Fabrica de vinuri din Cojusna [the Cojusna winery, near Chisinau], which has become his property by now. Documents on that transaction were formalized and signed by notary Olga Bondarciuc, who is also mentioned in the Kroll Report as a bank fraud participant.

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