28 may, 2020

Moldova President Igor Dodon stated on the JurnalTV channel of Chisinau on Wednesday night that he is not at all intending to tender resignation. Commenting on the opposition’s incessant calls to him to resign in order to simultaneously hold early parliamentary and presidential elections, Igor Dodon stated that he would fulfill his presidential mandate to the very end.

“We have applied to the Constitutional Court for an explanation if it is possible to combine the two elections, if a necessity arises to hold a snap parliamentary election. We will decide depending on what the Court answers. If the Court says it is possible to hold the elections simultaneously, we will find a technical solution how to act. There are four political parties, with which we should negotiate a way out of the situation – the Party of Socialists, the Democratic Party, the PAS [Party of Action and Solidarity], and the DA Platform party. I am not speaking about Ilan Shor and the Candu group – these are not parties”, said the President.

In his opinion, if these 4 parties achieve a consensus, “then it will be possible to work out substantiation for holding the elections. But if not, or if the Constitutional Court says – impossible, then the task will be to correctly hold the presidential election [November 1, 2020], after which – a snap parliamentary election”.

Igor Dodon does not believe that the ACUM bloc parties [PAS + DA Platform] are brave enough to express a vote of no confidence in the Chicu Government in concert with the Pro Moldova group and the Shor Party faction, “But anyhow, let these Right parties try and form a new government together with those who stole the billion dollars from Moldovan banks!”

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