03 june, 2020

Party of Action and Solidarity (PAS) Chairperson Maia Sandu believes that the only way out of the current situation is to hold an early parliamentary election.

The opposition politician stated on the Moldova-1 public television channel on Tuesday night: “The incumbent Parliament does not represent the citizens’ will. It was elected according to Plahotniuc-imposed rules, and that election was not free. Therefore, it is necessary to hold a snap election to cleanse the Parliament”, stated the former Prime Minister of Moldova.

Commenting on President Igor Dodon’s sayings concerning the threat of Plahotniuc’s comeback to politics, Maia Sandu stressed the Party of Action and Solidarity “has always stood against Vladimir Plahotniuc”.

“Dodon says that there is a group of Parliament deputies wishing to bring Plahotniuc back [from Miami]. But Dodon and these very deputies dismissed the Government of Maia Sandu [in November 2019] and appointed the Government of Ion Chicu. Half a year ago, those deputies were good, and now they are bad?” wondered the PAS leader.

Maia Sandu stated categorically once again that she dismisses any thought about whatever cooperation with Dodon’s Socialists.

“Any discussions with the Party of Socialists or Igor Dodon are absolutely out of the question. Precisely one year ago, we ripped Dodon from Plahotniuc’s arms to rid the country of Plahotniuc. We don’t want Plahotniuc’s comeback. We want to rid the republic of Igor Dodon like we spared Moldova from Plahotniuc”, stated the PAS Chairperson.

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