22 september, 2020

On Tuesday, Moldova President Igor Dodon has submitted to the Central Election Commission the citizens’ signatures collected in his support to get registered as a candidate for the November 1 presidential election. Though Dodon is standing as a de-jure independent candidate, he came to the CEC together with Party of Socialists Secretary MP Vlad Batrincea, a Deputy Speaker of the Moldovan Parliament.

The visitors said to the press that Dodon’s initiative group had raised 25 thousand signatures – 800 to 1,000 in each of the 24 territorial-administrative units of the second level, 4240 in Chisinau, 1309 in Balti city and 1770 in the Gagauzia autonomy.

“I am going to struggle for 4 more years of presidency so as to ensure a normal functioning of the Moldovan State in the current hard period of global and regional troubles, aggravated in Moldova by the coronavirus pandemic, a drought and demographic problems. I shall be working next 4 years inter alia to bring to a logical end all of the projects promised to citizens”, said Igor Dodon.

Now the CEC has 7 days for checking the signatures and taking a decision concerning Dodon’s registration as candidate. In case of a positive outcome, he will become the 4th officially registered candidate for president. The rest 8 presidency seekers are continuing to raise signatures. The deadline for submitting them to the CEC is September 30.

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