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16 september, 2019

Mobiasbanca - OTP Group challenges you to add another dimension to your business, develop your own ideas and reach your goals. In this regard, it has prepared an advantageous offer for you:

Investment credit - created especially for the implementation of your company’s investment plans:
• Interest from 7.6% * in MDL
• 50% discount on the grant commission
• Financing term of up to 10 years
• 50% credit insurance through the ’InnovFin Guarantee’.

Working capital financing - offers the perfect solution for solving the discrepancies between receipts and payments, occurring in the operational activity:
• Interest from 7.6% * in MDL;
• The possibility of collateral free financing and annual renewal of the loan.

Current service offer - tailored for your business to grow even more, without being concerned about saving money:
• Opening the current account - FREE;
• Servicing the account for 6 months - FREE;
• Servicing and intra-bank payments in MDL through the Business Internet Banking service for 6 months - FREE.

Find out more details or schedule a meeting with a Mobiasbanca advisor by calling the Call Center on 022 256 456 (available 24/7).

The offer is valid until 31.12.2019.

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