Transnistria and Gagauzia


12 june, 2019

Moldova’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration Nicolae Popescu gave his first news conference in this quality on Tuesday evening and spoke for removing the Operational Group of Russian Forces (OGRV) from the country’s Transnistrian region and against the Republic of Moldova federalization.

In particular, he stated that there actually exist no risks of federalization presently, and explained his thought as follows: “I stand against the federalization, as does an absolute majority of Republic of Moldova citizens. Our Parliament has no majority necessary for passing a federalization decision. The more so we do not have a constitutional majority required for introducing amendments to the Constitution for this. So, there are no federalization risks”.

Asked about the Russian troops in Transnistria, Nicolae Popescu replied that the troops continue to be deployed in the Republic of Moldova territory despite Russia’s own commitments in this regard and contrary to international agreements.

“I am a specialist on frozen conflicts. I have visited the Republic of Georgia, Nagornii Karabakh and many other hotspots. I want to stress that Moldova is the only country that has not signed an agreement on the presence of Russian troops in its territory. None of Moldova leaders has ever supported the troop presence here. We have always demanded consistently and shall be further demanding that the Russian troops go home”, stated Popescu.

With all this, he emphasized, the new Moldovan Government, President and the Foreign Ministry are standing for cooperation with the Russian Federation.

“The great powers have been in a disputable relationship, but what concerns Moldova they have achieved a compromise. This is very important. This means that they also want to see stability in Moldova. There is no need for us to participate in various geopolitical vortexes”, said the diplomat.

Answering journalists’ questions, Nicolae Popescu stated that the Republic of Moldova shall continue its pro-European external policy.

“I met President Igor Dodon on Tuesday. We have discussed everything. Nobody is going to break up the EU-Moldova Association Agreement or any other international documents”, assured the minister.

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