22 february, 2018

Founders of the collective fundraising platform accused RISE Moldova journalists of non-professionalism while carrying out a controversial investigation, stating that the platform founders are engaged in fraud.

The founder Alexandru Rusnac said at Tuesday's press conference that the platform ceases its activity because of loss of confidence in its partner and donors.

"Up to date, we have successfully raised funds for 350 people in need. We continue to raise funds to help another 141 people", he said.

According to him, despite the fact that the investigation is incompetent and untrue, he does not intend to sue the journalists for libel, as it makes no sense.

Rusnac reported that Rise Moldova journalists focused on two cases only and based their investigation on them, exposing the founder as "bandits".

He admitted that the platform takes a 5% commission of the collected amount of money; however, the money is used to cover the costs of bank transfers and to pay the commission upon the receipt of donated funds.

"The case of Lenuta Cebotari, mentioned in the investigation, has nothing in common with the The funds for the child have been collected by a different platform. Our platform was launched on September 8, 2016, while Cebotari was sent to hospital on March 29, 2016", explained Rusnac.

Co-founder of the platform Svetlana Sainsus, who ea previously engaged in similar activities on another platform, said that in March Lenuta's parents asked for help, saying that their daughter needs urgent surgical intervention.

"At that time, I was promoting the Guvern 24 platform. Namely this platform launched the project on fundraising for the girl's treatment. Her parents asked for advice about the clinic, and I connected them with Medical Park representatives in Turkey", she said.

According to her, as a result of clinical examination it became clear that the girl did not need operation. She underwent the simplest operation. That is why the cost of medical services amounted to 4.5 thousand euros.

"The girl's mother paid for the medical services from her own account. The money has been collected by the platform Guvern 24. Personally, I do not participate in the process of money transfer. The rest of the money remained at the mother's bank account, as the girl needed rehabilitation procedures. I asked her to transfer 1 thousand euros to help another boy. After that, we have met several times and everything was fine", she said.

According to her, in 2017, Lenuta's mother again asked for help, as the girl became ill.

Sainsus stated that she will sue the RISE Moldova journalists.

Infotag's dossier: The RISE Moldova investigation states that as a result of fraud made by the at least two girls, who needed heart surgery, have suffered. Both of them have been sent to Medical Park in Turkey at different times. In the first case, the girl was operated and then discharged from hospital, but no documents on have been issued. Sometime later, the girl became ill, and local doctors stated that the girl suffers from the same disease. A similar incident occurred with another girl named Jeta.


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