05 november, 2018

Democratic Party MP Corneliu Dudnic addressed to the Prosecutor General's Office (PGO) and the NACC with the demand to investigate the cases of inefficient spending of the budget funds in 2017 by the Gagauzia Executive Committee.

At the Monday's news conference at Infotag, he reminded that in March 2015, the newly-elected Gagauzia Bashkan Irina Vlah presented to the people a new Executive Committee and said this is the most professional government over the entire autonomy's history.

"Over the time of Ms. Vlah's rule, 33 department heads changed in the GEC, which has never happened before. No other Bashkan ever witnessed such a staff turnover. In conditions of complete failure of the human resource policy, implemented by the region's leadership, only fools and cheats can talk about efficient public fund administration, because the institutional memory is directly connected with the efficiency of fund management", the MP said.

According to him, the audit identified the distorting of the 2017 accounting balance worth 523 million lei, when the entire budget accounts for 770 million lei.

"The autonomy's education sector was underfunded at a sum of 27.6 million lei, while the social sector - 7.6 million lei (15.2% of the planned funds). In 2015, the previous Bashkan Mikhail Formuzal planned 60 million lei for maintaining the administrative apparatus, while Vlah in 2017 - 123 million lei (16.6% of all the autonomy budget costs), which is an absolute record across the country. As a result of deliberate manipulations and no-purpose using of funds, free unencumbered balance worth 100 million lei appeared in the budget. This was done deliberately to use them for other purposes", the Democrat said.

He added that business trips led to great budget costs, though the information about travel goals was not presented, while in some cases there were even no documents, which would prove the fact of going out of the country - tickets and checks.

"This directly points at the groundlessness of spending public funds. Buffett dinners and events were covered from the Gagauzia Executive Committee reserve fund, which is in direct contradiction to the Gagauzia legislation. Service vehicles of all the departments registered double or even triple excess of the limit of mileage", Dudnic said.

He said that Vlah is ignoring the demands of the Gagauzia Popular Assembly for using of public funds and has never presented report on her activity to anyone.

"Only over the last period, the Popular Assembly has eight times invited members of the GEC to report on their activity and only twice this demand was partially satisfied. In this connection, there are all reasons to say that Irina Vlah and her subordinates handled 2.5 billion lei (region's budget funds over the time of Vlah's rule) mostly in violation of the legislation and at their own discretion", the MP maintains.

According to him, instead of administrating, Vlah is promoting her own cult of personality, as schoolchildren of the autonomy are receiving school agendas with the Bashkan's photo, printed for public money.

"At the beginning of the year, Vlah distributed in Gagauzia 5 thousand table-cloths with the inscription "With love from Irina Vlah". Even if we take the lower price on a table-cloth - around 300 lei, 1.5 million lei from the budget were spent on this. This is untargeted using of money, which should be investigated by responsible authorities. T-shirts with Irina Vlah's portrait are distributed to the newborns, as well as Bibles with her autograph and many other things which are unacceptable in a healthy society", Dudnic said.

The MP demanded the PGO and the NACC to initiate a check for legality of facts, included in his address, and to report about the control results.


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