19 june, 2019

The Gagauz-Bulgarian people’s party “Bugeac” set the goal to achieve the participation of Moldova’s ethnic minorities in state governance due to participation in legislative and executive branches of power.

At the Tuesday’s news conference at Infotag, members of the organizational committee on party founding said that it is the unstable situation in Moldova and citizens’ distrust in politicians and political parties that showed the need to create the party.

“From the very beginning we do not hide that we will fight for power to represent 40% of Moldovan population, which are not the titular nation. Unfortunately, today this population almost has no personal representatives in power”, said member of the organizational committee Igor Ianak, who maintains that all the ethnicities should be represented in public power structures.

“The political formation we are establishing is a people’s republican party, which stands for equality, freedom and justice. This will be a party created for the people. It will be serving the people and live with the people”, said members of the organizational committee, adding that the “Bugeac” party constituent congress took place in Comrat on June 15.

The party program says that it will be building a social law-governed state, developing and supporting Moldovan citizens’ social protection by means of social economy based on environmental security.

“Unfortunately, many decisions adopted today in the country do not meet national interests of Moldova and its citizens”, Ianac said, pointing that “Bugeac” stands for territorial integrity, independence and sovereignty of the Republic of Moldova.

According to him, one of party’s main goals is to daily defend the interests of national minorities – Gagauz people, Bulgarians, Ukrainians, Russians, the Roma people and other ethnicities.

The press conference participants said they are ready to face lack of understanding from the side of our opponents in what concerns the advisability of founding such a party.

“For example, we do not exclude that we will be accused of separatism, but we do not hide we are aimed at protecting our national interests and will be fighting for this”, they say.

Member of the organizational committee Vasile Gaidarji said that the existing political parties in Moldova are directly using voters from ethnic minorities.

“Taking our votes at elections, they forget us”, he said, reminding about a special status of the Bulgarian cultural center on the basis of Taraclia raion, where Moldovan Bulgarians are concentrated.

According to him, the law on the status was adopted in the first reading, while later everyone forgot it and no one returns to it anymore.

“Given the fact that there are over 200 thousand adults, the “Bugeac” Party can have 7-8 mandates in the Parliament. They will stand for protecting interests of all the ethnicities who live in Moldova”, Gaidarji said, pointing at the support to “Bugeac” Party from the side of Gagauz people and Bulgarians who live and work in Turkey, Bulgaria, Russia.

“We stand for the unity of people and ethnicities in our country, as well as for protecting national interests of the Republic of Moldova”, say the founders of the new party, who are getting ready to present documents for its registration to the Ministry of Justice.


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