30 january, 2020

If a parliamentary election were held in Moldova next Sunday by using the proportional representation system, only three political formations would win seats in the new parliament – the Party of Socialists (PSRM), the Party of Action and Solidarity (PAS) and the Democratic Party (DPM), as per the finding of the opinion poll that were presented in news agency Infotag by the pollsters – the Intellect Group company on Wednesday.

According to them, the PSRM can count on the votes of 31% respondents, the PAS – 21.3%, the DPM – 8.2%, the Ilan Shor Party – 3.7%, the political party called Platform “Demnitate si Adevar” [DA, “Dignity and Justice”] – 3.1%, Our Party – 2.7%, the Communist Party (MCP) – 2.6%, and 3.8% respondents would vote for other parties.

Over 9.3% respondents stated they would not go to the polls, and 14.3% were uncertain, or just refused to answer.

Also, the pollsters interviewed separately those citizens, who have already shaped their political preferences and know for sure whom they will vote for. So, among such ‘advanced’ voters, the Party of Socialists would receive 40% ballots, the PAS – 27.9%, the Democratic Party – 10.7%. This is equivalent to winning 52 mandates by the Party of Socialists, 36 mandates by the PAS, and 13 by the Democratic Party in the 101-member Parliament of Moldova.     

Intellect Group Director Ian Lisnevschi reminded that according to the last October’s opinion poll, chances for entering the Parliament were with 5 parties, including the Ilan Shor Party and Our Party. So, he believes these latter two have a good possibility to mobilize their electorates, bearing in mind their strong positions in the cities of Orhei and Balti, respectively, permitting to uphold their popularity ratings at a level of 4-5%.   

“The Party of Socialists actually has no rivals. We are watching the struggle going on between the ACUM bloc and the PSRM, but they are not direct opponents. No matter what the PAS does or what methods it uses, it is not able to influence on the Socialist electorate. There was a moment last October when the PSRM’s popularity rating began falling after the entire control over the Government had gone into the PAS’ hands. However, upon the appointment of a new Government, the Socialist electorate got re-mobilized”, said Ian Lisnevschi.

The poll also showed that had a presidential election been held in Moldova next Sunday, a PSRM candidate would receive 35.4% votes, PAS candidate – 24.3%, DPM – 4.7%, Our Party – 2.3%, DA Platform and Ilan Shor Party – 2.1% each. Another 3.1% voters would support candidates from other parties, 3.8% -- an independent candidate, 5.4% would not go to the polls, and 14.8% were uncertain.    

In the rating of citizens’ trust in Moldovan politicians, President Igor Dodon maintains lead with 38.4%, followed by Parliament Speaker Zinaida Greceanii with 26.4%, then PAS leader Maia Sandu – 23.1%, Chisinau Mayor Ion Ceban – 15.1%, Ilan Shor – 14.9%, Balti Mayor Renato Usatii – 12.6%, DPM Chairman Pavel Filip – 12.5%, Communist Party leader Vladimir Voronin – 12%, Prime Minister Ion Chicu -- 11.7%, DA Platform leader Andrei Nastase – 10.2%.

The poll was carried out on the Intellect Group’s own financial and organizational means on January 16-23 among 1,134 respondents. The pollsters are saying the error should not be in the excess of ±3%.   


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