24 september, 2020

If a snap parliamentary election were held in Moldova next Sunday, five political parties might have chances to win seats in the new legislative forum – the Party of Socialists (PSRM), the Party of Action and Solidarity (PAS), the Sor Party, Partidul Nostru [Our Party, OP] and the DA Platform party, as per the findings of the opinion research Vox Populi, which were presented at Infotag by the Association of Sociologists and Demographers of Moldova today.

Association Chairman Victor Mocanu said at the presentation that the voters’ preferences were as follows: the PSRM would receive 27.8% ballots, PAS – 16.6%, Sor Party – 7.7%, Our Party – 7.4%, and DA Platform – 5.7%.

The above figures were received from the group of the so-called ‘random respondents’. But in the other group – of the so-called ‘determined voters’ who know whom they will vote for, the findings were as follows: PSRM – 37.6%, PAS – 22.5%, Sor Party – 10.4%, Our Party – 10% and DA Platform – 7.7%.

The pollsters found out that 56.2% citizens don’t mind holding an early parliamentary election even in 2020, but 35.7% are against such an extravagant idea [to go to the polls again only a month or so after the presidential election].

In the politicians’ popular-trust rating, the leader is incumbent President Igor Dodon – with 24.5%, followed by PAS Chairperson Maia Sandu with 15.7%. Then go Our Party leader Renato Usatii (7%), DA Platform Chairman Andrei Nastase (6.4%), and Ilan Sor (4.9%). Chisinau Mayor Ion Ceban is trusted by 3.2% respondents, Communist Party leader Vladimir Voronin – by 2.7%, and Prime Minister Ion Chicu 2.5%. And as many as 26.2% respondents stated they do not trust any of the politicians, or were uncertain.  

The opinion poll was carried out on September 6 through 22. It covered 1l89 people eligible to vote, residing in 85 various-type localities across the republic. The pollsters are saying the error should not be in the excess of ±3%.


Incumbent head of state Igor Dodon has better chances for winning a victory in the second round of the upcoming November presidential election, according to the Vox Populi findings.  

30.9% respondents said they are ready to vote for Dodon at the first round of the polls due on November 1, for PAS leader Maia Sandu – 19.3%, for DA Platform leader Andrei Nastase – 6.8%, for Our Party leader Renato Usatii – 6.7%, and for Violeta Ivanov of Ilan Sor Party – 5.5%. However, 17.3% respondents were uncertain, and 8.4% stated they would not go to the polls.

But in the group of the so-called ‘determined voters’, i.e. those who have already made up their mind, Igor Dodon would receive 41.6% and Maia Sandu 26%.

If the second round of the elections is be between Dodon and Sandu, 44.2% respondents would vote for the incumbent and 37.3% -- for Sandu.

47.6% interviewed citizens believe a President of Moldova should be rather a politician and 42.2% think – rather a technocrat.


Almost a half of the population stand against Moldova’s accession to the North Atlantic Alliance, as per the Vox Populi findings.  

If an accession referendum were held here next Sunday, 49.8% respondents would vote against the membership, 26.3% -- for joining NATO, and 23.9% would not take part in such a referendum.  

But if a referendum is organized on Moldova’s accession to this or that political bloc, 39.4% respondents would vote for Moldova’s accession to the Eurasian Economic Union and 38.9% -- to the European Union. Last August, Vox Populi revealed figures as follows: 40.1% and 39.4%, respectively.

As for relationships with Moldova’s external partners, 82.1% respondents regard Moldova’s relations with the European Union as “good or very good” and only 7.3% as “bad or very bad”. With Romania – 74.2% and 20.4%, respectively. With Russia – 72.2% and 21.5%. With the United States – 65.3% and 19.5%. And with Ukraine – 64% and 28.4%.  


Two-thirds of Moldovans, namely 65.9%, think that their country is moving in a wrong direction, as per the findings of the opinion research Vox Populi carried out by the Association of Sociologists and Demographers of Moldova in early September.   

Association Chairman Victor Mocanu said at the poll findings presentation in Infotag on Thursday that only 23.6% respondents believe Moldova is on a correct track.

50.5% said that the economic situation in the republic has worsened “seriously” or “very seriously” last 5 years, and 35.8% presume that nothing has changed.

Moldova citizens are particularly concerned about poverty and high prices (33.7% respondents), their own health and the pandemic crisis (20.1%), unemployment and lack of jobs (17.6%).

And 40.7% respondents perceive the current socio-political situation as strained, 31.9% -- as neither strained nor calm, and 22.8% as calm.


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