Advertising сonditions

The INFOTAG news agency places advertising banners on its website's front page. Usually, from 12 to 15 thousand users visit the INFOTAG website every day, so they see your banner and get direct access to your portal.

The banners are placed in all the three language versions of the front page of the INFOTAG website.

Depending on a chosen location of the banner, it may be of different sizes and of one of the following 4 forms:

  • 1. banner is placed next to the Agency name logotype, and has a size of 240x75 pixels
  • 2. banner is placed above the head page of the website, and has a size of 980x100 pixels
  • 3. banner is placed after the second news, and has a size of 468x60 pixels
  • 4. banner is placed in the website’s right column, and has a size of 120x72 pixels