04 september, 2015
MEMBERS OF FIRST PARLIAMENT CALLED ON CITIZENS TO SUPPORT SEPTEMBER 6 PROTEST A group of 20 members of Moldova’s first parliament addressed to citizens with the appeal to support the protest action on September 6.


Representative the Civil Platform “Demnitate si Adevar” [DA, “Dignity and Justice”] , former MP and deputy premier Valentin Dolganiuc said during Friday’s news conference at Infotag that the decision to address to population was taken separately by each ex-parliamentarian.


“This is a conscious choice of each of us. We want to intervene in the social, but not the political life of the republic. Things that happened over 24 years after the Republic of Moldova’s declaration of independence show a perspective, which is not simply far from optimistic, but is depressing. What does Moldova represent today? This is a state, seized by oligarchs, who control all the branches of power. The population grows poor, a billion has been stolen from banks, the national currency is falling lower and lower, investors are running away, prices and tariffs are growing. All this happens with the connivance of governors and a complete paralysis of power. Of course, we cannot remain ignorant to what is happening”, he said.


He expressed confidence that September 6 protests will become massive and will turn into a new Great National Assembly (GNA).


“We need to move to the method of direct democracy – through people’s declaration of will. We addressed with official letters to first personalities of the state and expressed our basic requirements. If we are ignored by current leaders, who have to come to Chisinau Central Square on Sunday and give answers on the submitted issues to the GNA Council and the gathered citizens, we will start demanding their resignation. In this purpose the protests at the central square will be conducted non-stop”, Dolganiuc.

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