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01 june, 2020

President of Germany Frank Walter Steinmeier has expressed gratitude personally to Moldova citizen Svetlana Nejelscaia for her efficient work in Berlin.

The Federal President visited Jona’s Haus – a house for children and teenagers in Berlin on the occasion of the Neighbors’ Day. Frank Walter Steinmeier was accompanied by his wife Elke Buedenbender. The director of the Jona’s Haus – Svetlana Nejelscaia of Moldova – informed the high guests about the pedagogical work done at the Haus to maintain and develop children and teenagers from socially vulnerable population groups.

“I have been impressed with your work and the work of your staff”, stated Frank Walter Steinmeier. “The work you do for the future of the children and teenagers deserves big respect and gratitude. The Jona’s Haus activities are very valuable because this is an example of solidarity to be followed by others”, said the President of Germany.

Infotag's dossier: Founded in 2006 by the nonprofit charitable Christian foundation Stiftung Jona, the Jona’s Hous is daily visited by more than 100 children and youngsters. The Foundation works to improve the life conditions and perspectives for the future for children from families less protected socially.

CORRECTION: In our Friday’s story headlined EBRD FURNISHES 5-MILLION-EURO CREDIT TO…, a wrong name of the beneficiary Moldovan bank was indicated through our translator’s fault. We apologize for that mistake, and please read the correct version of that story:

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