05 december, 2019

The company Dromas Cons, well known in the road building sphere in Moldova, has launched a new asphalt plant with a production capacity of 160 tons of high quality asphalt per hour.

At the Wednesday’s solemn ceremony of producing the first lot of asphalt, Dromas Cons Director General, 83-year-old Petru Dacin said that due to partnership with the Moldova Agroindbank (MAIB), the company got financing from a European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) credit line within the EU4Business-EBRD Program, implemented jointly with the European Union.

The crediting within this program implies grants from the European Union up to 15% of the credit sum, provided by the EBRD and the European Union as material incentives for Moldovan entrepreneurs in production modernization.

“The new plant is a great joy for our company, while for me – given my age – this is also a good burst of adrenaline, which is so important for supporting body power and health”, Petru Dacin said.

The company built the first asphalt-producing installation in 2004. Since then, the Dromas Cons produced 1 million tons of asphalt, 200 thousand tons of which were used in Chisinau for road repairing and building.

“We should not save the money, it is much better and more efficient to use it for improving our towns and villages, for the country development”, Dacin said.

EBRD Coordinator Alexandru Bologa said that in partnership with the Moldova Agroindbank (MAIB) and due to the coherent actions of its leadership and the Dromas Cons managers the new plant was built in shortest time.

“Thank for everyone for the exemplary team work. The idea to create a modern asphalt plant was proposed by manager Petru Dacin, while then due to the team actions of all partners, the task was implemented in practice, realizing Mr. Dacin’s grandiose dream”, he said.

MAIB first Deputy Chairman Oleg Paingu said that already from the very first meeting, when the client only addressed to the bank with a request for financing, the MAIB regards him as a reliable partner in joint implementation of a certain project.

“Due to such partnership, the client’s agreed actions in tandem with the MAIB gave good results. The modern asphalt plant Dromas Cons may be regarded as an example of our partnership; it is able to produce thousands of tons of asphalt”, the banker said.

The plant producer, president of the Ukrainian engineering company “KDM” Alexander Tvereziy congratulated the Dromas Cons road builders on launching of a new plant, saying he admires the company’s team.

“A strong modified asphalt-producing installation has been assembled within only four months. The produce completely meets EU quality standards”, he said, promising to Petru Dacin to produce an installation with a capacity of 200 tons of asphalt per hour on the occasion of Dacin’s 100-year anniversary.

Chairman of the Association of Road Building Companies Boris Gherasim expressed admiration and gratitude to the Dromas Cons manager for the new plant so much needed in Moldova.

“Honor and glory to Petru Dacin, who is raising the production volumes in one of the most productive sectors of economy – the road building. This sphere demonstrates the highest rate of return on investments – 60%”, Gherasim said, adding that one job in this sector allows covering four jobs in other sectors of economy.

Infotag’s dossier: Within the program EU4Business-EBRD, the Dromas Cons got a credit worth 850 thousand euros for 3 years. According to preliminary results of 2019, the company produced 145 thousand tons of asphalt, fulfilling the volume of contractual works totaling 200 million lei. The company’s trade turnover will exceed 300 million lei this year. The sum of the paid taxes – 30 million lei.

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