21 june, 2019

Sorin Stati, the former head of several major State-run enterprises, has made public the “sensational smuggling schemes” run under the patronage of the previous Moldovan Government and of Democratic Party leaders. In various years, Sorin Stati was Director of the Posta Moldovei state enterprise [national postal authority] and Director of the Moldovan Air Traffic Services Authority (MoldATSA).

Speaking on the TV8 channel on Thursday night, he described in detail how the smuggling of cigarettes, ethanol, anabolic steroids and ambers used to be smuggled “in tremendous amounts” under the Democratic authorities last few years.

“The mass-scale smuggling of cigarettes and other goods to Romania was organized through several border-crossing stations. Responsible for these schemes was Constantin Tutu [a prominent Moldovan Muay Thai kick-boxer and K-1 fighter], aided by his ‘guys from Bacioi’ [a Chisinau suburban community]”, said Sorin Stati.

In his words, smuggling was organized also to European countries through the Chisinau International Airport, for which special transportation corridors were arranged.

“The large-scale cigarette smuggling was run before the airport concession (in 2014) as well as after the concession – up to latest days. I know for sure that only after the dismissal of the Pavel Filip Government, namely only one week ago the smugglers stopped sending their airplanes with cigarettes. And before that moment they used to dispatch by air 7 to 11 tons of cigarettes per day”, said the former state official.

He further held saying that cigarettes used to be smuggled also via the Posta Moldovei state enterprise, for which special parcels were packed.

“That parcel scheme was also perfectly organized. The postal channel started working only after 2011, when Pavel Filip was appointed Minister of Information Technologies, with Posta Moldovei being its subdivision”, said Sorin Stati.

He described also how the smuggling of anabolic steroids by means of postal parcels was organized. This business direction was headed by the President of the National Federation of Martial Arts Dorin Damir – one of the closest allies of DP leader Vlad Plahotniuc and his relative. (Sorin Stati’s TV revelation story will be continued in Infotag’s Part 2 later today.)

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