21 june, 2019

Former state official Sorin Stati also described how amber smuggling through the Chisinau International Airport was organized.

“The amber channel was an object of a particular control by the Democratic Party. Its chief responsible for it was DP Secretary General Constantin Botnari [a person very close to Plahotniuc nicknamed “man-purse” for his constant carrying a purse and for his known involvement into schemes of bribing parliamentarians and state officials]. Every week, these guys ship two tons of ambers to Hong Kong. It is noteworthy that in the customs declarations they write simply “stone” and that’s all. The ambers are delivered to Chisinau from Ukraine through the Transnistrian region”, said Stati.

Besides all that, huge volumes of contraband cigarettes, ethanol and other goods are delivered daily from Ukraine and transported to Romania and other European countries.

“Responsible for this segment of contraband schemes is Gheorghe Cavcaliuc, the former Deputy Chief of the MoI General Police Inspectorate, who tendered resignation from the police service a few days ago, after the change of power in Moldova. I dispose of reliable information that even now, Cavcaliuc is continuing negotiations with certain people from the new Moldovan leadership in order to save the years-settled smuggling schemes”, said Sorin Stati.

During the live TV program, new Minister of the Interior Andrei Nastase phone to the studio and said he had sent a jeep with armed cops to ensure Stati’s security on his way from the television company. Nastase said he would shortly organize in the Ministry of the Interior Sorin Stati’s hearings before an investigation team.

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