09 april, 2020

Considerable state investments in infrastructure will help Moldova overcome the economic crisis, which will occur after the Covid-19 pandemic, said Advisor to Prime Minister Oleg Tofilat at the Wednesday’s virtual conference, organized by the Expert-Grup analytical center.

He said that before the beginning of the epidemic, Moldova has a small state debt and a relatively balanced budget, as well as a solid foreign currency reserve, which give sufficient space for maneuver in attracting resources in the form of credits.

“The second moment is the fact that the infrastructure in our country is underdeveloped, which means that sufficient infrastructural projects may be implemented in Moldova. The influence of state fund investments into infrastructure will be considerable, because in case of building a road there where it never existed, everyone who needed it will have to win. Where there is no school, the building of one will give good results”, Tofilat said.

According to him, the returning of a great number of Moldovans, who can be economically active, may create either a problem or a good opportunity, if the state manages to generate their interest in work on implementing infrastructural projects.

The advisor supposed that after the pandemic, the world business environment will be more interested in compactness and short distances of supplying spare parts and raw materials, thus countries such as Moldova, Ukraine and Turkey can benefit from such a situation.

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