24 september, 2020

Addressing the online General Debate of the 75th Session of the United Nations General Assembly on Wednesday, President Igor Dodon stated that Moldova is committed to the principle of neutrality and non-alignment to sanctions against partner states.

Dodon said that three years before, he had declared a balanced foreign policy as an important condition for ensuring the sustainable development of the Republic of Moldova.

“Moldova is a small country with a peaceful people. Obviously, there’s no way we may try to fight someone. We want to work to quickly modernize our country and maintain mutually beneficial relations with the entire international community. Being a neutral state, we will not engage in the support of one state against another. Respectively, we do not admit to joining sanctions against our partners for development. I reiterate that, according to the Constitution of the Republic of Moldova, we are a neutral state and, therefore, we will not join any political-military bloc, either in the West or in the East”, said the President.

Igor Dodon spoke out in support of the UN Secretary General’s call for a global ceasefire, and stressed that conflicts and crises of varying intensity continue to be a threat to peace, security, and development around the world.

“In the context of a global crisis, armed conflicts aggravate the situation and intensify the destructive effect of the arms race. The Republic of Moldova expresses a deep concern regarding the scale of the armament race through the excessive accumulation of conventional weapons and nuclear weapon modernization programs. Over recent years, the Republic of Moldova has expanded its contribution to the peacekeeping process, fully ensuring the substitution of the positions allocated to our country in international peacekeeping missions, in strict compliance with gender criteria and in the spirit of the Security Council resolution on Women, Peace and Security”, said Igor Dodon.

The President further held saying that Moldova’s foreign policy is aimed at maintaining friendly relations and international partnerships, especially with next-door neighbors – Romania and Ukraine, and that a balanced foreign policy is crucial for ensuring the sustainable development of the Republic of Moldova, protecting it from contemporary geopolitical fluctuations.

Dodon called the European Union and the Russian Federation Moldova’s strategic partners.

“In the West, our political relations and cooperation with the EU are guided by the Association Agreement signed in 2014 on strengthening the rule of law, democratic institutions, respect for human rights. Naturally, the European Union is a strategic partner for the Republic of Moldova in all areas of the state’s and Moldovan society’s life”, he said.

“Indeed, Moldova is a European country due to its history and geographical position. We are an integral part of the Eastern European region. At the same time, the Republic of Moldova has a pronounced interference with the Eurasian space. By signing in 2018 the Memorandum of Cooperation with the Eurasian Economic Union, the Republic of Moldova obtained observer status in this organization – a fact that allows us to follow closely the evolution and prospects of this promising regional organization. Over recent years we have managed to restore the strategic partnership with the Russian Federation. Thus, one of our priorities is developing good political and economic cooperation with partners within the free trade areas of the European Union and the Commonwealth of Independent States”, said the President of Moldova.

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