25 octomber, 2017

Since 2000, human trafficking in Moldova has been a transnational crime, but in recent years its level within the country is growing more and more. This conclusion has been made by the experts of the Investigative Journalism Club.

Head of the Permanent Secretariat of the National Committee to Combat Trafficking in Human Beings, Ekaterina Berejan said that in other countries human trafficking is based on sexual exploitation and trafficking in human organs and tissues, but in Moldova one can meet all types of exploitation: sexual, labor, trafficking in human tissues and begging.

"In the past, we have much talked about sexual exploitation, which refers to women, while today labor exploitation related to men is growing. According to statistics of 2016, 105 men and 95 women became victims of labor exploitation", she stressed.

About 10 years ago, women at the age of 18 were exploited, but today even girls of 10 and 12 years are exploited. According to the European Commission strategy, trafficking of children from 8 years and up carries a punishment, while in Moldova has changed the criteria - from 10 years. Earlier, it was harder attract people for work, as the price of documents for departure was 5 thousand euros; now this amount does not exceed 2 thousand euros.

In 2009, the Investigative Journalism Center published a Guide of ethic standards for documenting and writing about trafficking in human beings and family violence. It tells how important is to prevent human trafficking, as some victims still need rehabilitation.

In 2017, the Guide was updated. Today, it includes strategies to combat trafficking in human beings, protection of vulnerable people, safety, especially for journalists, who should be the first to inform the society about the danger.

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