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12 octomber, 2017

Within the ‘Celebrating together’ campaign dedicated to 10 years of Mobiasbanca’s membership in Groupe Société Générale, the fortune turned the wheel to Constantin Pearja. Mr. Pearja is the bank’s client who contracted a consumer loan under the campaign and became the winner of the grand prize – a trip with his family to Disneyland, Paris.

Having returnedhome fromvacation, where Constantin Pearja went with his wife and child, he said with excitement that it was the most unforgettable trip of his life, and this is because it was the first destination where the young family went together with the pledge of their love – their little daughter; this trip was somewhat symbolic for the young couple.

“Paris is the city of love, the capital of fashion and the dream of children. We cherished our desire to go for such a trip, but we never thought that our dream would come true much faster than we would have imagined.

When Mobiasbanca told us that news, I couldn’t believe it, it was beyond my expectations. In fact, I also thought it was a dream when we were already in Paris, admiring the height of the Eiffel Tower, walking along the bank of the Seine, discovering the palaces and museumswith a certain historical and architectural baggage. The most unforgettable experience was at Disneyland Paris, where we felt like returning to our childhood and experienced unique emotions with our family.

I admit that Mobiasbanca has left a special imprint on our family. Thank you for the opportunity to share the joy of your holiday in such a special way in Paris. Happy Birthday to you! We assure you that you have become part of our family”, Constantin Pearja said.

We note that from 1 November 2016, for 10 weeks, anyone who contracted a consumer and/or mortgage loan at Mobiasbanca automatically participated in the raffle to win the grand prize – a family trip to Disneyland, Paris.

In 2017, Mobiasbanca celebrates 10 years of belonging to the international financial GroupSociété Générale.

Celebrating together 10 years of success and stability, because it is #correct!

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